Tree Removal

If in need of a tree removal, Adelaide residents do not need to look any further!  Tempest’s Arborist Service offers complete tree removal  services.

Because tree removal can be dangerous, it should only be undertaken by qualified Arborists.



No tree is too big or too small for Tempest’s Arborist Service, and where access and space is limited, we are qualified and ticketed to use a range of different techniques to dismantle and remove trees safely and efficiently, methods we use follow:

  • Tree climbing using rope and harness
  • Crane
  • Elevated Work Platform



Some significant trees are protected and require an Arboricultural Report to be submitted to the council for approval to remove.

We can attend your property to provide you with expert information and advice on what type of tree you have, weather you require a Report and explain the process in order to get your tree removed.

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Tempest’s Arborist Service are here to help in the events of severe weather, we have been called out on many occasions to clear driveways of fallen trees and branches, damaged carports and gardens, that is why it is so important to maintain you trees and keep them healthy and safe for you, your family and your home. Pruning your trees is a must, by removing dead, diseased, damaged and structural flaws; you are making your tree stronger to uphold high winds. Dead trees are extremely dangerous and can do a lot of damage, if you are unsure of the health of your tree, contact us today for a Visual Tree Assessment Consultation and Risk Assessment.


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